Masterplan nature park Weissensee Ostufer


The process is starting in September 2018 and we conduct a civic involvement. Over the course of the process we have to create a masterplan with key subjects like the reshaping of the bathing beach building, the inclusion of the nature park info point, the rules and regulations concerning parking in car parks, the inclusion of the tourism information and the shipping, the reshaping of the local marina, the maintenance of the public lake access and the connection to the regional bike route.

Workshop 1 28thSeptember 6pm till 9pm and 29thSeptember 9am till 9pm Gasthof Dolomitenblick
Workshop 2 19thOctober 6pm till 9pm and 20thOctober 9am till 6pm Gasthof Dolomitenblick
Presentation 16thNovember 6pm till 9 pm Gasthof Ladst├Ątter