Company area Tiefenböck I Sachsenburg


The company Metallbau Tiefenböck is expanding and therefore a second location was bought. The new area with an existing building should be extended and adapted. The task of this project is the coordination of the whole project and the design of the environment.

The design of the environment of the company area Tiefenböck is mainly based on functions.

The different main areas are: the portal, the area for the customers and employees, the area of delivery and manipulation with ramps.

The portal is divided in three gates and is affected by heightened, green isles out of steel. These become the ‘signboard’ of the company Tiefenböck.

The area of the customers and employees is the coverage of the office building, and is also used for delivery. There is also the parking space for the customers and employees.

In front of the new office building there is a terrace for talking with customers, for heaving break, or to celebrate. A water basin and a high – quality vegetation is characteristic for this space.

The area for delivery and manipulation makes the access in the north possible.

There is also parking space for the employees and arranged in a way that an extension is possible.

project size: 8100 sqm

work performed: project planning, approval  planning, building inspection